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Manicure & Pedicures

Regular Manicure .... £28.00 (30-40mins)
Regular Pedicure .... £35.00 (45mins-1hr)
File & Paint (Hands) .... £18.00 (30mins)
File & Paint (Toes) .... £18.00 (30mins)
Toe Nail Cut .... £10.00 (20mins)
Bath Bomb Pedicure With Foot Mask .... £43.00 (1hr)
Deluxe Pedicure With Paraffin Wax .... £48.00 (1hr 15 mins)

Gel Nails & Hard Gel Extensions

Gel Manicure .... £35.00 (45mins-1hr)
Gel Pedicure .... £39.00 (45mins-1hr)
Gel File & Paint (Hands) .... £23.00 (30mins)
Gel File & Paint (Toes) .... £23.00 (30mins)
Gel Removal .... £10.00 (20mins)

Hard Gel Overlay & Gel Application .... £37.00 (1hr)
Hard Gel Infills .... £30.00 (1-1.5hr)
Hard Gel Removal .... £15.00 (30mins)
Hard Gel Extensions .... £43.00 (1.5-2hrs)

Extra £2 per nail or extra £10 for every nail.
Nail art pricing may vary depending on the nail art requested.

We do not remove acrylic's done by any other nail technician due to different places use different products.
We do not infill on other technicians work.
Anyone who would like nail art, it has to be requested due to slight price increase and timings.
Please remember we cannot guarantee on how your nails will last you.
Please book with confidence that we carry our treatments out to the best of our ability, If any issue occurs in the first 5 days of your appointment we will rectify this, any issue after this that may occur please remember your taking full responsibility when booking with Nothing But Beauty.
Please remember nails are jewels not tools and if heavy handed we do not recommend gel for yourself.

Thank you.

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