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Gold plated & Stainless steel earrings... £30.00
9ct Gold earrings ... £35.00
Titanium earrings ... £40.00

How long will my piercing take to heal?
A minimum of 6 weeks for pierced ear lobes. You should only switch into new earrings after the suggested healing period.

What aftercare should I follow?
Wash hands thoroughly before touching jewellery or ear. Clean the piercing area with Studex After Piercing Lotion or Gel and rotate the piercing stud at least once a day. More frequent cleaning is necessary after excessive physical activity. Avoid touching the piercing area whenever possible. keep hairspray/soap/shampoo away from the ear. 

Things to avoid..
DO NOT - remove earrings or handle them unnecessarily.
DO NOT -  push the butterfly along the post towards the ear. The butterfly must always be positioned at the tip of the post. Feel the position each time you clean the ear-it must feel smooth. This ensures that the earring remains LOOSE during the healing period. T his is essential as tight earrings may lead to inflammation and increase the risk of embedding.

What medical conditions could prevent me from having ear piercing?
If you regularly take blood thinning medication.
if you have Haemophilia/blood clotting disorders.
Skin conditions eg. Dermatitis, Eczema, psoriasis.
If you are pregnant.
If you have a heart condition.

Is Studex ear piercing system safe?
Yes! All Studex ear piercing studs and hoops are packaged and sterilized to meet or exceed U.S. FDA standards and EC European regulations.

About Studex......
Studex® is recognized as the leader in ear piercing systems and allergy-free fashion earrings for consumers of all ages. As the world's largest manufacturer of ear piercing instruments, studs, and supplies we uphold an uncompromising commitment to quality and service that has lasted for over forty years. We make an extensive range of piercing systems and medical-grade studs to satisfy the needs of clients globally. State of the art manufacturing and packaging capabilities enable us to produce a plethora of eye-catching styles for key demographics within the ear piercing and allergy-free earring categories.


For any information on our beauty treatments please feel free to contact us. Please remember when booking with us all treatments are non refundable under any circumstances

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