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Tinting & Perming

Eyelash Tint .... £20.00 (30mins)
Eyebrow Tint .... £11.00 (20mins)
Eyebrow Shape & Tint .... £17.00 (30mins)
Eyelash Tint, Eyebrow Shape & Tint .... £35.00
Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint .... £27.00
Eyelash Perm & Tint .... £45.00 (1hr)
Brow Lamination .... £40.00 (30-45mins)

Lash Extensions

Individual Eyelash Extensions .... £65.00 (2hrs)
Individual Infills .... £38.00 (1hr)
Russian Eyelash Extensions .... £75.00 (2-2.5hrs)
Russian Eyelash Infills .... £45.00 (1hr)
Hybrid Eyelash Extensions .... £70.00 (2-2.5hrs)
Hybrid Eyelash Infills .... £40.00 (1hr)
Eyelash Removal .... £15.00 (30mins)
Extra 30mins Added To Any Infill .... £5.00

A £20 non refundable deposit is required when booking any treatment over 1.5hrs this will be deducted from your treatment as long as all requirements are followed..
we need to receive a minimum notice of 48hrs if needing to cancel or rearrange,
if late that we do not have enough time to carry the treatment out this may result in losing the deposit.
Patch test are recommended at least 24hrs before your appointment. A disclaimer form must be signed if you have not been before stating you cannot take legal action if a reaction may occur and take full responsibility. 
Any last minute cancelations may result in you having to pay 50% of the treatment price before booking in with us again.
Please arrive to your appointment on time, if late please note the time will be taken out of your treatment time which could possibly result in less lash extensions and will still be expected to pay full price.
Eyelash infills are required every 2-3 weeks. Please ensure you have at least 40-50% lash extensions remaining for any infill appointment. Anything less we will only be able to do the best we can in the 1hr we have.
Nothing But Beauty does not infill other lash technician work.
Please arrive with clean, make up free lashes for any appointments.
Book with confidence knowing each treatment is carried out to the best of our ability, if any issue occur in the first 3 days of your appointment we will rectify this. You must follow the correct aftercare and have contacted Nothing But Beauty within the first 3 days otherwise I cannot be held responsible for any issues that occur after this. Please accept if anything happens after 3 days this is your own responsibility and that you book with the understanding that all treatments are non refundable under any circumstances

Aftercare to follow....
Do not get your lashes wet for the first 48hrs
Avoid saunas, sunbeds & steam rooms
Avoid oil based products around the eye area
Brush your lashes daily
Clean your lashes daily if you suffer with oily skin or wear a lot of make up daily otherwise clean them weekly
Do not pick or pull your lash extensions
Please avoid mascara as this will result in needing a new set
Avoid swimming.

Thank you.


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